Welcome to the Garden

Thank you for a great season

We are now closed but the flowers will bloom again, August 2024!

For fun updates about the farm and next year's schedules, please follow us here:

Make a Bouquet

Cut your own flowers, make memories, and bring home a beautiful bouquet. You will be provided with a bucket and clippers and then are free to wander the field of flowers and cut the blooms that catch your eye.

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Take some Pictures

You will find many great spots around the field to snap photos including a couch, a door, a bicycle and much more.

If you are looking for a professional photographer to help you catch the perfect moment we can certainly suggest some great people.


Meet the Animals

Gardner's Gardens and Goats are home to a friendly heard of goats, sheep, turkeys and chickens! They love to meet new people and the two weekends we are open in August are truly the highlight of their year. They love all the attention and the extra treats :)

The Animals

Fun for the whole family!

From babies to grandparents all are welcome!
Come cut some flowers, make some memories, and bring home a beautiful bouquet.

Levi's Lemonade

​Levi makes the best home-made lemonade. It's not just any lemonade, it's summer in a glass. He puts in super ​fancy stuff like zesty lemons, "Gardner's Gardens and Goats" Honey, plus Ginger and Mint to make a mind-blowing combo! And get this, it's not just any recipe, it's a top-secret​recipe. Levi has done lots of experimenting to make sure it's has the perfect mix of sweet and citrus zing. He only uses the best natural ingredients such as honey from his own bees. How awesome is that? You gotta come hang out with Levi, chat a bit, and sip on his lemonade while strolling through a field of flowers.