Farm Friends

Gardner's Gardens and Goats is home to a friendly herd of goats, sheep, turkeys and chickens! They love to meet new people and the two weekends we are open in August are truly the highlight of their year. They love all the attention and the extra treats :)

We provide free animal food to the first 20 kids.

To limit over feeding of treats to our goats and sheep we will charge $2 for additional feed and reserve the right to stop providing feed at anytime. Please only feed our animals food we provide or you can grab them a handful of grass!

  • Violet

    The farm’s friendliest goat, honestly. Violet has no idea what personal space means and she would crawl into your lap if you let her. Violet enjoys fresh clover and plenty of scratches on her neck or between her horns. She is mama to the nearly all white goat, Clover, and the black and white goat, Lucky. These babies were born on St. Patrick's Day!

  • Barbara

    Baaaaarbara is a large Dorset breed sheep. This big girl, is our most friendly sheep and enjoys being hand fed treats and occasionally a good scratch. Every year Barbara's wool is brought to one of Ontario’s few wool depots where it will get processed and used in fibre products.

  • Mittens

    One of the barn cats that call Gardner’s farm home. He has the important job of keeping the farm mouse free. As you can imagine, this is particularly important in the winter months when the goats and sheep are housed inside the barn. This past winter, we fed our animals a mixture of hay, grain and sunflower silage (yep, from last year’s sunflowers!). Needless to say, Mittens had his work cut out for him with keeping the sunflower feed rodent free. While Mittens is a ferocious hunter (if you are a mouse) he is extremely friendly with all human visitors to the farm.

  • Winnie

    Our farm’s fearless protector. Her job is to protect the chickens and baby goat kids and lambs from coyotes or foxes. Winnie loves to bark, but we promise she is a big cuddle bug. Once she realizes that you are neither coyote or fox, she’ll likely roll over and be asking for a belly scratch. Winnie is a female Great Pyrenees and she is great with both children and animals.

  • Cran & Berry

    Cran & Berry, are fairly social guys! It's amazing how much personality these turkeys have. They would follow our kids to the sandbox and stay and play if they let them! Turkeys are really attracted to shiny things and will likely peck at your rings, rivets in your denim, shiny toenails, anything!

  • Dude (The famous cock)

    You may be familiar with Dude as he is the famous traveling rooster. Dude hitchhiked over 75km underneath an SUV. His story was picked up by CTV and he has been the talk of the coop ever since.

    See the full story here "CTV news" 
  • Queeney

    Arguably the most hard working farm team member, during the summer Queenie can lay up to 2000 eggs a day!  Her children are hard workers too!  You will see many of them collecting nectar on the faces of the sunflowers which they turn into the most delicious honey!