• Step 1, Come check in.

    We will provide some basic cutting instructions and tips. Then you can choose either a large or extra large bouquet size. We will lend you a pot and clippers and you are good to go.

  • Step 2, Cut and wander

    Head into the field of flowers, wander around, take some pictures. When you see a flower you like cut it and put it into your bucket. When your bucket is full bring it back to us!

  • Step 3, Finalize bouquet!

    Please return your clippers. We can either tie a string around your flowers to carry home or you can purchase the french flower bucket and we can put some water in it for you to take home.


We do not charge any admission, but do require all visitors to participate in the U-Cut experience with the purchase of either a large or extra large bouquet. Families of all sizes are welcome, if your group or family has more than two Adults (19+) we will ask you to purchase an additional bouquet for every two Adults.

Feed the Animals

We provide free animal food to the first 20 kids.

To limit over feeding of treats to our goats and sheep we will charge $2 for additional feed and reserve the right to stop providing feed at anytime. Please only feed our animals food we provide or you can grab them a handful of grass!